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Time management tips

Working Smarter, Not Harder: Effective Time Management Tips


Most people in our society are adept at being hyper-productive. These are people who run from task to task; always occupied with something or the other, i.e., running errands, making calls, checking emails, organizing their desk, etc. Such people equate ‘staying busy’ with working hard and becoming successful. Even though this belief might hold some truth, it typically leads to unnecessary productivity.

Instead of being this way, why not work smarter, not harder to achieve success.

Consider the following time management tips which can help you work intelligently:


Give Important Tasks a Priority

This is a golden rule in effective time management. Every day, recognize three tasks that are the most important to complete and finish these first. This ensures you’ve completed the essential.


Say “No.”

Avoid making too many time commitments. Take on only those commitments which you know can be completed.


Get Adequate Sleep

You need to sleep at least seven hours a day to help your mind and body function at its best. Listen to how your body is working. Many people think its okay to sacrifice sleep because it gives them more time to be productive, but this is rarely the case. Do not underestimate the importance of sleep.


Stay Focused on the Task at Hand

Shut down all unnecessary browsers. Put your mobile on silent and hide it. Locate a quiet place to work and focus on the task at hand. Immerse yourself in work. At this point in time, nothing else matters!


Start Early

We all face the procrastination temptation from time to time. It’s easy to fall into the “I’ll eventually get to it!” mindset. If watching fellow procrastinators has taught you anything it is to get projects going early. It is less stressful, and things get completed quickly.


Be Conscientious about Entertainment Time

It’s easy to get pulled into video gaming, Internet browsing, chatting and even catching the latest sports highlights, but all of these activities are a significant drain on productivity. Set aside sometime each day to do fun activities, but only after you reached your daily targets.


Allocate Time for Task Completion

If you’ve got an extensive to-do list, consider jotting down exact time figures you plan to dedicate to each. This way all necessary tasks get ample attention. Posing a time constraint on your tasks will improve efficiency.


Give yourself some downtime

Between completing tasks, give yourself a break. This can be a cup of coffee, a quick nap or sitting back in the office chair for ten minutes or having a quick chat with another colleague. This mini break can be quite invigorating.


Eat Healthy and Stay Active

Many studies have found a causal link between leading a healthy lifestyle and improved workplace productivity. Getting adequate sleep, making sound food choices and meditating on a daily basis can significantly develop your work habits.


Implement Organization Systems

Organization systems can save you lots of time. They needn’t be something complicated. A simple filing system for documents, streamlining tasks, phone reminders, to-do lists, etc. are great examples of how to get organized.


Lock Yourself into a Room

Sometimes the best way to get work done is by locking yourself in a room. This way you avoid external noise and distractions.


Use Wait Times to do something Productive

We face downtime or wait time every day. You’ll encounter this type of time in waiting rooms, while waiting for a subway, during long line-ups at the store, or en route to work on the bus. During this time, plan out meetings, reviews, appointments, check emails, etc.


Stick to your Plan

You’ve got a goal, so you need to stick to it. Temptations and distractions will follow you around but don’t flake out. Be professional and resolute; follow through on your commitment.


Enjoy What You Do

Work can be fun if you genuinely enjoy what you do. Follow your passion and let your ambition be the fuel that gets you there.

Time management is both a skill that is acquired over time. With the right time management tool, your team can achieve their daily targets with ease.

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