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Why is Collaboration in the Workplace Important?

Why is Collaboration in the Workplace Important?


Collaboration in the office is regarded as a sign of a high functioning team. It involves finding a balance between enabling team members to collaborate on project specifications while also letting them engage in independent tasks such as brainstorming, researching, and task completion.

Project management tools are central to helping teams achieve this balance as they enable real-time communication, teamwork and information sharing, no matter where they’re located.

A project collaboration tool is vital to help your business grow, but you need to understand why it’s so important.


Why is collaboration in the workplace so important?


1. It encourages companies to move towards goal completion.

Studies indicate that 97% of executives and employees agreed that the depth of collaboration on a project significantly affects its outcome. When a department or team is communicating seamlessly, sharing information openly and collaborating smoothly, they can complete work effectively.

However, if some employees work as silos and lone rangers, it will take longer for a team to complete a task or project. Some of the most successful workplaces find a balance between team collaboration and individual focus. Keep in mind, and not every employee performs well in constant team contact. Such individuals need some time apart to work alone.


2. It promotes flexibility.

Collaborative technologies like smartphones and tablets enable team members to work flexibly. Many employees are now able to work during non-traditional work hours, on the road and even remotely because they’re able to take advantage of this technology. These technologies provide real-time collaborative opportunities.

This type of flexibility suits many employees’ lifestyles rather than an 8-hour shift.

3. It is appealing to a tech-savvy generation.

More employees today are tech-savvy than ever before. As a result, if you promote collaboration technology in the workplace, you’re going to have more team members on board. Millennials, in particular, are always on the lookout for improving productivity and are therefore very supportive of collaborative technologies. 49% of the millennial generation make regular use of social media tools like FaceTime and Skype in the workplace.


4. It promotes involvement from work-from-home and remote employees.

Working off-site or remotely can make such team members feel cut off from the rest of the team. But by encouraging collaboration using such technology and project management software, you will ensure the involvement of everyone on the team, irrespective of their location. Collaboration tools encourage real-time information sharing and communication, and this is a high level of engagement which helps the company benefit from the expertise and knowledge of every employee.


5. It helps onboard new employees.

New employees often look towards their higher-ups, managers, and co-workers while learning new tasks. Collaboration tools can be hugely useful in this regard. It also promotes a mentor-mentee relationship with new employees and their experienced counterparts which helps engage the entire team.
Don’t underestimate the importance of collaboration in your company workplace. Project management tools are vital to your team’s success.

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