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What Time Management Looks like to a Programmer!

What Time Management Looks like to a Programmer!


Scheduling was never a part of the programmer’s repertoire. Most hate the idea of making one. Many programmers adopt the attitude, “it’ll get done when it’ll get done!”

Since the introduction of project management tools, much has changed. Developers are committed to adhering to time-bound schedules as much as possible because they realize that their work has a direct impact on company revenue.


Here’s what time management looks like to most programmers:


1. Creating Daily To-Do Lists

For a programmer, the day starts with making to-do lists. Many starts with outlines of current projects followed by a system of prioritizing, i.e. what needs to get done today, tomorrow, etc. Some programmers align their lists with product releases as this is the number one priority. A PM tool can help you create and execute your to-do lists.


2. Making Expectations through Transparency

Many developers face the redundancy of duplicate handling requests from non-technical departments. Also, they must also deal with technical issues. How can programmers deal with unexpected requests? Transparency is the answer to setting and handling workload expectations. A project management tool can help you gauge your workload.


3. Completing Easy Tasks

With a project management tool, programmers can take a quick look at tasks that don’t require much time to complete. They endeavor to achieve these as soon as possible. For tasks that take longer, they can use the software to allocate chunks of time so that all the items on the to-do list get an adequate amount of attention.

At ViduPM, our project management tool helps programmers stay on track and submit projects on time. With its many built-in features, you can quickly implement this tool and make it a central part of your organization.

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