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What Are The Best Project Management Tools For SEO?

Project management plays a very vital role when it comes to Search Engine optimization (SEO). Project Management is necessary because SEO is a complex process and sometimes lack of management can lead to huge loss. Well, the most important thing to note here is that SEO team can effectively and efficiently work, only with a perfect project management system and great time management. Tasks timely done can improve the ranking of the business/website and can gain more traffic. Similarly, if the SEO is not done timely, not only will the efforts of the SEO, IT and content team will all go in vain, but the website/business can also loose the ranks. Therefore, Project Management is the key to success for SEO.

Have you ever wondered what are the best tools that must be used when it comes to Project management for SEO? If yes, your search ends here. Today we have listed out some of the most popular and the best project management tools that if used, will only improve the performance and will help you get better results.

Google AdWords Keyword Tool: This is one of the most preferred tools when it comes to finding suitable keywords for the SEO purpose. It helps you easily search all the related keywords to the keyword you have already found.

KeywordSpy: The SEO team, with the help of this tool, can easily find and know the keywords that are being used by their competitors.

Similar Sites: This allows you find similar websites to the one you are planning to promote. This will further help you to differentiate your website from those already existing and stand out in the crowd.

Google Analytics: This is one tool that we bet is not just best but is also used by all the SEO teams around the globe. Google Analytics helps you to keep a track on your SEO project by knowing the number of page views, the traffic received the current (live) viewers and the keywords that have helped the most in fetching the viewers.

Google PageSpeed Tool: The speed of the website certainly plays a big role on how long will the viewer stick to your website and thus is vital for the google ranking of your website. Google Page Speed Tool not only helps you to measure the speed but also gives you various tips to improve it.

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