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ViduPM Helps You Establish Long-Term Client Relationships

When a client decides to assign a project’s oversight, it can be a challenge. Often managed in-house, and by someone pressed into the project manager (PM) role, managing the project takes second chair to work demands. The results can be disappointing.

A dedicated project manager brings immense value to every client project. Depending on the project size, a PM’s focus on the myriad moving parts, team members, production, progress, and accountability can be stressful and consuming work.

Client Relationships are Essential

Every PM understands that clients are central to their careers and a cultivated relationship often provides continued work and goodwill capital. When first working with a new client, this collegial relationship must transcend more than kind words and positive references.

The client requires trust; trust in your abilities to oversee a project that may have a budget in the millions of dollars and that is central to the business’ growth and future. What can a PM do to build this trust quickly? Consistent reporting of percentages, numbers, and easily understood figures tracks the project’s progress and reassures the client that the project is on track for success. Trust builds quickly.

The Professional Project Manager is Prepared

A well-prepared PM’s toolkit holds several features necessary to complete the project on schedule, on budget, and with a satisfied, long-term client. When maximized, a suite of tools can bridge the gap between a project’s just-in-time completion and an exceptional success.

Enter ViduPM.

Similar to other project management tools, ViduPM provides the project-oriented PM with a suite of tools designed to capture critical project data. This, however, is where ViduPM breaks away from traditional applications to work toward developing a lasting customer relationship.

Following is a partial list of features that make ViduPM stand out from the crowd and its users unique to the client experience.

* Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

ViduPM provides easy collection points for Client information. Such data as direct email addresses, personal observations, notes, important dates, and other observable information can serve to remind you of upcoming events and help you recall those things most important to your client. The built-in Event Manager ensures you never miss another meeting or event. The PM builds trust quickly.

* Files

Keeping all project files organized can present a time-consuming challenge. ViduPM allows the PM to store, annotate, review, comment, and communicate through this valuable time saving feature. When the client asks for a project file, the PM can locate and send it from within this tool, thereby saving valuable time and client patience.

* Messages

Project message threads can quickly get lost among myriad responses. ViduPM has a robust set of message tools: lists; summaries; annotations; filters, and more are available in one place from the PM’s dashboard.

* SEO Reporting

Today’s internet-focused world requires that companies’ products and services be easy to find. Crawlers, bots and other web-based algorithms can be an asset or detriment to this objective. Search engine optimization (SEO) is an essential approach that ensures the client is present, easy to locate, and high on the list of competitor listings.

ViduPM provides an easy to use tool that analyzes project status, including link management and analytics to prepare visual reports to stakeholders. Important filters provide a simple way to report those metrics the client needs to see while keeping extra information out of the results.

Reporting Builds Trust

A project manager divides his or her time between overseeing project tasks and reporting on many aspects of the project itself. Building a strong trust relationship with the client demands constant measurement and reporting of the project’s progress, targets, milestones, costs, and much more. ViduPM provides an array of reporting tools, designed to save time, effort, and money.

Employing a robust reporting feature, ViduPM provides the project PM with a simplified way to pull, collate, analyze, and send reports to stakeholders. From time logs to links, the Reports feature includes features not often seen in other applications. Further, analytics are simplified through various reporting features found in the Report Manager section of the tool.

Following are some of the reporting features organized under the Report Manager tab of the dashboard.

* Project view and download reports, accessed with a single button click
* Project and user time log reports, exportable in popular formats
* User workload reports
* SEO and analytics reports
* Link manager reports


Project management is a necessary role when a project – large or small – is being developed. When the project is handed off, the PM is immediately on the clock and results are expected quickly. The prepared PM needs help keeping all the parts working together. ViduPM is that help.  When the project manager can

* Send reports
* Schedule meetings
* Distribute agendas
* Collate and distribute meeting notes
* Efficiently assign and manage resources within the first few days of a project, the client sees the decision to hand over the project as a wise one. Strong client-relationships are built on helping the client see the wisdom in his choices. ViduPM is a strong tool that will help the PM manage this task with facts, not opinions, making this software a must-have for every PM toolbox.