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Tips and Tricks to Lead a Remote Team

When it comes to leading a remote team, merely interacting with your team isn’t enough for long term success. You need to be able to build and maintain a professional working relationship.

The following tips and tricks will help you effectively lead a remote team:

Invest in the Right Tools

With a remote team, frequent emailing, IMing and video conferencing is going to be the norm. Decide on how often you want to have these types of communications and which form works best. This is especially necessary with project management. You need to know the progress of a particular task assigned to each employee. You also need ascertain issues with task completion, ability to meet deadlines and anything that tracks an employee’s task development. Investing in the right project management tool is key.

You will also need to invest in tools for the following functions:

Task management
Documents and Notes
Time Management
Video Meetings
Email Management
HR Management
Time zone scheduling
File storage

Familiarize everyone with these Tools

The efficacy of these tools will depend on how well you stick to them. To ensure your team is completely on board, host training sessions. Don’t assume everyone will learn it on their own! While implementing these tools, keep the lines of communication open.

Implement a “Water Cooler” culture

One aspect people love about a physical office is the casual banter with colleagues. You can easily transpose this culture into your remote team management efforts. A simple email, video or phone call to check up on each team member is a start. You can also host a check-in session with team members via a chat session. Employees will be expected to sign in and greet one another and share something they’re currently doing, i.e. training for a marathon or taking a hobby course, etc. This builds a collaborative spirit and helps you get to know everyone on a personal level.

Host Regular Voice Call Meetings

It’s necessary to maintain regular text and voice communication with your team members because we spend most of this time IMing or emailing. Tone and meaning are lost in this type of communication. Regular voice interacting is vital to maintain that water cooler culture we mentioned earlier. It also helps team members bond with you.

Ensure each team member has effective access to Mobile and Internet Connection

Without a steady Internet connection, it’s virtually impossible to work and communicate effectively. You need to ensure everyone has strong connectivity. If some team members have an iffy coverage, offer mobile hotspot as a solution. This helps you take care of your team and lessens the risk of tech issues. This is an affordable and mutually beneficial step for all.

Set Clear Expectations for your Team

Your decisions and actions serve as the quality marker for how your team interacts with one another. Make yourself easily available for regular communication, while maintaining strict professionalism. The way you interact with your remote team directly influences their motivation, productivity levels and ability to enjoy what they’re doing. Set the example of an ideal employee for everyone to imitate.

Encourage every team member to Lead

At your daily, weekly or monthly meetings, encourage each person on the team to lead the meeting.  It could be a project update, business update, a new stat, a novel idea that can improve the project outcome, etc. This will help to solidify your team even more. In addition, you’re promoting a learning environment.

Practice Flexibility and Open-mindedness for different Cultures

Different cultures have different work philosophies. As a result, they may have different solutions to the same issue. Be open to learning about how each culture works and views the world. This awareness helps build a strong team.

Remote team management is both a skill and an art form. With the right tools, tips and tricks mentioned in this blog, you can experience immense business success.

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