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The purpose of holding meetings is to have a straight forward collaboration and communication. It’s a gathering of people who are bound together by the same goal and direction. It’s a place to share ideas and concerns, communicate processes, discuss issues and collaborate on how to get things down efficiently. It sounds straightforward and idealistic, but do your meetings always happen in this way?

Modern workplaces are rife with office politics, nuances, and non-office related matters. Most owners and project managers fail to comprehend that meetings are not a social gathering. A study examining 500 senior business professionals was conducted in the United States. This study found 59% of employees felt less active and engaged by the number of meetings held per day. The same survey highlighted that over 70% of respondents felt more engaged when a multimedia presentation or project management software was included in the process.

Ask yourself, how many times have you felt the time was wasted by attending a meeting? Without a doubt, too many meetings can hamper employee engagement and productivity. However, you still have time to get things on track.

Here are a few tips to get the most out of meetings:


Keep a Clear Agenda

How often have you attended meetings or sat through discussions without a clear picture of what’s going on? Remember, the most important meetings are those with a clear agenda and objectives. There’s no point in having meetings where a conclusion is not visible.

At the start of each meeting, set a clear agenda or statement about what is the goal of this meeting. Share this in the beginning and provide supportive documents to help others along the same path.

Set a Timer

To get the maximum benefit out of workflow, be rigid with your team members. Keep it straightforward and short. Set a timer at the start of the meeting and when it sounds, the conference is adjourned. Some apps and tools help you maintain specific time lengths during sessions so that they operate more efficiently. Using a project management tool or even a timer will save time and help keep meetings focused on collaboration.

Maintain a Low Headcount

Meetings can drag on when many people are in attendance. Therefore it’s necessary to invite people who are directly involved in the project or agenda. Companies like Apple and Google practice this tip dedicatedly where there is a focus on learning and efficiency.

Get Everyone to Participate

It’s more important than you realize. Before making key project decisions or assigning tasks, it’s essential to get everyone on board. Listen to their ideas and opinions. A productive meeting is not about how many nods and smiles you get for your decisions. It’s about how you get people involved in the decision-making process. Get everyone involved in the decision-making process. Ask them directly for their insights and opinions. Give everyone a chance to express their solutions, plans, ideas, and decisions.

Become Tech Savvy

There are team collaboration and workflow management tools out there that are designed to make meetings more efficient. These are simple tech treasures which can limit the number of meetings you need and help team collaborate at the same time to get the project completed on time.

Group chats, online discussion, file sharing, video conferencing, time tracking, file proofing, etc. are some of the software solutions which will eventually make workplace meetings obsolete.

If your company is holding too many meetings, that’s a sign of poor organization. To get results, don’t waste time on scheduling meetings. Implement the tips mentioned above and invest in a useful project management tool. This will help you build better teams and lead them towards successful project completion.

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