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Tips to balance work life



The constant battle between balancing one’s personal life and career is something many of us face. A study conducted by Harvard Business School found that 90% of entrepreneurs work over 50 hours per week; a figure that far above the ideal. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or an employee, it might seem like 24 hours per day is not enough to fulfill professional and personal commitments.


So can one maintain a healthy balance between work and personal life? Here are a few tips to help you achieve this balance:


Love What You Do

This is the first step in making this balance. It’s important to love what you do, not just because it helps you earn a living but it also provides internal satisfaction. Otherwise, you’re only wasting your time. In the current economic situation, work takes up more than 50% of our daily lives. However, if you’re enjoying what you do, then it won’t feel burdening. And the time and effort you are putting in will help you achieve your best.


Unplug from Time to Time

We live in an era of technological advances. We are surrounded by many gadgets and gizmos, designed to provide convenience. While it may seem luxurious at first, owning so many tech toys can do more harm than good. You are at risk of being overwhelmed by the desire to check and respond to emails and messages regularly. Just ask yourself, how many times have you woken up at the sound of your phone’s messaging system?

Detach yourself (especially in the evening) from laptops, smartphones, cell phones, and other devices. This is especially necessary during family vacations.


Understand your Limits

It’s quite understandable when you’re starting in a company to want to say “yes” to everything. You probably want to make a good impression on your superiors and move up the corporate ladder; but is this good work ethic? Taking on more work than what you can handle is counterproductive. Instead of focusing your attention on one or two tasks (which have a higher chance of getting completed well), you’re now dividing your attention amongst many.

Avoid this situation before it happens. Learn what your limits are and say “no.”  There’s no point in taking extra pressure.


Prioritize Time

Get into the habit of evaluating how you spend your time each day. Calculate the time spent working on activities and tasks that took up a lot of time. You should determine if it was time well spent or time wasted?

Start each day by forming a to-do list. Include all activities and tasks that require completion. Prioritize tasks according to importance. This is an effective way to allocate your time.


Some Selfishness is Allowed

To become the better version of your current self, practice the art of self-care. Dedicate some time each day for activities like meditation, working out at the gym, going for a jog, watching television, spending time with friends/family, etc. Try and schedule “me time” for at least thirty minutes every day. This “me time” will help you get recharged and return to work with complete motivation.


Take Advantage of Technology

If you continuously face hiccups at work and need an efficient time to complete work, then you need to consider productive tools like project management software. This is a powerful tool that can not only help you stay on track, but it can aid in the planning, collaboration, and delivery of your project. It also provides a platform to communicate with your team. Also, when project management tools are used correctly, you gain the freedom to handle other tasks. You may also decide to work from home at some point, in which a project management tool can help you manage your projects.

With these tips in hand, now you can achieve a better balance between your personal and professional life.

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