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Some Tips to Help Project Managers Track Their Tech Teams

Project management is not something that could be done easily without any external help. There’s a lot when it comes to defining job responsibilities of a project manager. A project manger’s life is completely insane. A project manager is not only responsible for managing projects, but there’s a lot more than that. This includes tracking time, team management, resource management, etc. To complete a project successfully, one needs to coordinate and implement in the right fashion.

The most important thing in project management is not just planning and implementing but monitoring the progress. It is important to know the hierarchy of delegation, their status, risks involved, etc. Tracking what every member of the team is doing can get difficult, especially when you are dealing with a big team. So, in situations like these, where you cannot walk up to everyone to know about their work progress, the following are some other ways through which you can track their work:

•  Define responsibilities: In other words, just set some milestones for each member of the team to be achieved with deadlines. This is not only going to let you know if they have achieved the milestone in time but also how well they have worked on it. Moreover, if milestones would be assigned within deadlines, the team members would be more enthusiastic and pumped-up towards achieving them, because they know what would happen otherwise. For making this easier, you can also use an online project management tool that would come with features like calendars, milestones, reminders, etc.

•  Use tools that allow your team to share files: If you are going online, by using a project management tool, you must pick one that has features which allow your team members to share documents, PDFs, and other related work files. There are so many such tools that are available online. Some are even available for free. Some tools also allow you to comment on the files and allow the team members to comment back, initiating conversations at an ease.

•  Follow up the process: You cannot be completely dependent on the online project management tool that you are using. So, the best way to catch up is to arrange regular team meetings and taking follow-up of the work being done, and the progress of the project.

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