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These Are The Top 5 SEO Mistakes you might be doing!


We know why every business is coming online because the number of people switching online is rapidly increasing. Regardless of the business type, everyone today is switching online. For any website, to rank among the top search results, it is important that the website is properly optimized. Search Engine Optimization can help you fetch more traffic by bringing in more viewers and increasing the visibility of your website.

While doing the Search Engine Optimization for your content and the website, here are 5 SEO mistakes that you are probably making.

1. Selecting Wrong Keywords:

For strong SEO, it is very important that the keywords are wisely selected. Selecting the keywords to play a vital role in optimizing the website. It is all about selecting the keywords that you want your website to rank on. But how do you know you are selecting the right ones?

One of the biggest mistakes that usually people do in searching the keywords is neglecting the preference of search engines and users. You might define your products and services for your website in a certain way, but it is equally important to think over, what your users would search to reach your website. Sometimes the keyword that you believe is appropriate for your website, might mean something entirely different for others. In such a case, you are ending up optimizing for the wrong keywords.

It’s best to do your background research properly before finalizing the keywords for optimization.

2. Creating Irrelevant Content:

Content is one thing that requires equal attention as any other optimization element. To just increase the number of words, you sometimes end up hiding behind the bush and not writing valid, relevant content for the topic.

People sometimes try to fool the search engines, by just increasing the number of words and not writing relevant content. If you too are doing this, no one is at a loss, except you. Search engines have become smarter than they ever were. They cannot be fooled with irrelevant content. Also, if the content is related to the topic, you won’t be able to get a hold on the viewers. No one would stay for long on your website. All the search engines want to serve their users the most relevant content on their queries, and if your content is not relevant enough, it won’t rank well, despite good optimization of the website.

3. Not Using Original Content:

Content is the king of the website. It is vital that the content should be well organized and researched. You might do the best optimization but it won’t work well enough if your content is not unique. In the run of optimizing the website, you were probably not paying enough attention to the content. Only original, quality and engaging content will help you fetch more viewers for your website.

For successful optimization, you need original, SEO friendly content. All the search engines want to serve their users the most relevant content on their queries, and if your content is unique, written to the point, and is relevant to the keywords searched by the user, you have the greater chance of ranking your website on the top.

4. Not Including Links:

Linking helps too. Including links into your content makes your content easier to read and understand and great for optimization. Internal linking and external linking as well.

But remember, the quality of the links that you use in the content is more important than the quantity of the links that you use. So, it would be beneficial if the links are included which helps the users to understand the concept more and are relevant to the topic.

5. Not Taking Advantage of Social Media:

The power of social media cannot be underestimated. It is important to share your website on social media platforms, not just because they will hit the audience target well, but also because they have a faster reach.

Also, you can submit your website posts to social sites like “Quora”. Doing structured outreach and building relationships through influencers is a crucial part of your optimization strategy.

These mistakes can lead to poor project management and thus can harm the ranking of your website. BEWARE!

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