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These Are 5 Best Tips For Optimizing The WordPress Websites

Be it any website, it requires optimization, because without that it won’t rank in the top search results. Optimization plays the most important role in making a website visible and rank. What sense would it make to have a wonderful theme, amazing content to read at and no visitors, only because the website is not optimized enough? Little technical knowledge can help you spark up your website and not knowing these can harm the ranking of your website and can bring you down.

The following ten tips are those that we think are either often overlooked or are common mistakes. These 10 steps, surely will help you plan and implement a good SEO strategy resulting in smartly and effectively optimizing the WordPress website.

• Content is the best optimization. The optimization, be it any stronger, cannot do anything, unless you have a good content to work on. Unique and quality content helps proper optimization. Content is the real king of the website. Only content can help hold the visitors on the website and can make them visit again. The content should be UN-plagiarized, readable and understandable.

• Links play an important role. Links help fetch the visitors more information on your topic. If you find any word or term that you believe might not be clearly understandable by the visitors, attach a link to some other trustworthy website with high authority that could explain the concept well. Exchanging links between websites will help, only if done in limits. Do it when you feel necessary, not just because you must. Don’t link every page to each other.

• Name your images well. Images help grab the attention of the visitors and the interesting content would help them stay for long. As far as the ranking is concerned, it is important to name the feature image and the images used in the article properly, as per the event. This is important because the search engines count the images in the calculation of the ranking. Using the alt tag and title tag for the images used also help. It will provide better usability and optimization for your search ranking.

• Use short slugs because the search engines don’t care about the rest. Only the first four letter of your permalink are counted and the rest aren’t. So, always write the best 4 words that speak best about your topic. For example, instead of using use

• Use attractive yet optimized themes. There are many themes that might seem attractive but require a lot of coding to achieve that. Also, such themes make it difficult for the search engines to look through the source code to find the relevant content as per the topic. The more code you have, the lesser is the content and keyword density. Simple, fast performing and less complicated themes are good for your Google ranking because the performance of a website matters in determining your ranking.

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