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SEO myths

Some SEO Myths Everyone Must Know About!

Search engine optimization is not as easy as you think. Optimizing a website or a page or even an article requires great expertise including searching the proper primary and secondary keywords, writing the authentic and original content, writing a meta description, adding suitable internal and external links, optimizing the images used in the article, etc. These tasks could get more complicated and complex as the website flourishes. So, it is recommended to take help of online SEO tools or SEO Management tools that are available for free. These features include time tracking software’s, link management, resource management, reports, etc.

There are many SEO myths that everyone must know about which are not true.

•  Only ranking #1 matters: This is false: Search engine optimization is done to improve the rank of the website in search engines. Ranking number one is difficult and at the same time great. But if your website isn’t ranking number one, that does not mean you are any less. After researching, it has been found that users these days often do not read the very first link, but rather scroll a little down and read only what they find the most suitable. Ranking number one today is not as important as it was once upon a time.

•  SEO has nothing to do with social media: At any point of time today, you cannot underestimate or neglect the power of social media. Social media presence can help you improve your ranking, as it makes a user feel you are authentic and are not plagiarized. Initially, SEO was the only way to grab traffic to your website, but today Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. can help you fetch more traffic for your website.

•  SEO is based on the quantity of links a site has: This is another misunderstanding that people should really forget about. SEO is not all about the quantity of the links included. Rather, including more number of links, might give an impression to the reader that this is not authentic content and is instead an advertisement or promotional content. Also, each link has its own quality.

•  Internal linking does not matter: FALSE. Internal linking whenever there’s a need, can help you rank your pages rank among the top search results. This must be done because the search crawlers try to act as much like a normal web viewer as they can. If your site has bad internal navigation, Google can easily detect and could penalize you. Take as much time as you want to create good internal links and then use them on your website pages.