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The digital revolution has offered many resources and tools like project management and time tracking software, client invoicing and team communication to help the team become more organized and productive. Moreover, it has given birth to a remote work culture where employees have the flexibility to work from anywhere.

Having a pool of remote employees and freelancers has helped many companies expand their presence. It enables businesses to reduce overhead costs, improve efficiency and productivity and minimize employee turnover.

On the flip side, when remote teams are managed poorly, they cast more harm than good. Since the future will continue to see an increase in remote teams, project managers must embrace better strategies to manage their remote employees.


Consider the following five scientifically proven tips for managing your remote team effectively:

1. Unite the goals of both parties

Today’s workforce is interested in learning and self-development more than stability. Employees no longer work for the same company for decades. Most look for opportunities that help them gain an improved version of themselves, both financially and professionally. This is why it’s essential for your company’s goals to be in alignment with your remote team. Take the time to invest in your remote group’s development and learning. Balance their goals with those of the company. This helps ensure your team’s performance, and engagement stays high.

2. Make Expectations Clear

Everyone’s definition of working quickly and efficiently varies. It can become difficult to ensure everyone is on the same page regarding expectations on a project, especially when dealing with remote teams. To ensure everyone understands what’s expected out of them and how they need to accomplish it. The better understanding your team has about their responsibilities, the better they’ll be able to perform.

3. Treat them like a Regular Team

Treat your remote team as you would treat the in-office team. Give both parties equal position and power within the company. Just because your remote employees are not visible in the office, it doesn’t mean they’re not just as valuable as others. If they have issues or questions, respond as quickly as you can.

4. Make Collaboration and Communication Easy

This is perhaps the most obvious solution when it comes to effective management of remote teams. When you hire an employee, whether local or remote, you need to communicate how to get the job done. Provide tools and technology to make collaboration and communication with each other seamless. If this step is skipped, it’ll cause confusion and kinks in your productivity formula.

5. Implement Technology

For business-critical tasks like tracking progress, evaluating performances, communication and addressing individual teams, you must invest in a project management software and team collaboration tool. This type of technology keeps both in-office and remote teams on board.


Working with a team of remote workers can lead to two outcomes:

1) Communication disaster; or

2) Growth in profit and productivity for the company

By using these science-backed tips and ViduPM’s project management software, you can effectively manage your remote team. Contact us today!