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Project management techniques

Project Management Techniques For SEO Managers!

SEO management is an integral part of project management techniques and search engine optimization. There are four main stages in the process.


This stage brings all stakeholders in the project together to discuss and broadly define the project. This is an important stage of the project and everyone involved must take part in this meeting. This is the time and place for clients to convey their expectations to the project team. Knowing and adhering to the clients’ expectations will ensure the project stays on track and is successful.


Planning is perhaps the most important stage. The team focuses on developing the project management plan. This is where you will define the scope of the project which includes the following:

• Project Schedule
• Budget
• Human Resources
• Communication
• Risk Management
• Procurement


Now your planning comes into action and the real work is done. Key tasks in this stage include content development, design and web presence creation. During the execution stage, the products and services on offer are clearly defined and you complete extensive keyword research. Once keyword research is complete, you will optimize the website for the selected keywords.


Closeout is the last stage. In this stage, you update all project documents and forward them to a concerned person or a company that will be maintaining the website.

Along with the above four stages, it is helpful to use a good SEO management system: a set of search engine optimization software tools capable of handling all tasks involved in managing the site, from keyword research to search engine optimization. Achieving high page rankings depends on the effectiveness of the system. A good SEO management system will take care of all your management needs without the need of other tools.

They are ideal for both individuals and companies. It has a user-friendly interface that gives users a search-engine-optimized website. Most advanced software have Google Analytics as one of their features. With this tool, you are able to get updates on your website’s organic traffic. A good system is a useful and practical tool for all SEO project managers.

As you can see, combining good project management skills with good search engine optimization skills, and the use of a good SEO management system are necessary for the success as an SEO manager. Using these techniques will ensure client satisfaction and good business.