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Project Management Guide for 2019

Project Management Guide for 2019


What is project management? It is a process where the manager strategizes, organizes, executes and manages a plan using his or her team to complete a project, within a specified timeline and budget.

The successful delivery of a project not only impacts your company’s ROIs but a reputation as well. So how can you improve your team’s chances of success?


Consider implementing the following project management guide for 2019:


1. Initiating

The first step is to establish your team. There will be multiple people associated with your project; from the client to the executives to individual team members. To make it successful, keep everyone on the same page during and after completing the project. At the start of the project, organize a meeting so that everyone involved with the project feels connected. This is the best way to establish communication and collaboration between members who will be working in sync to achieve specific goals.


2. Planning

Drawing up a written plan is the best way to ensure a project will be successfully completed. A project plan must describe the following:

– The different phases of the project
– The tasks to be completed during each period
– Names of people assigned to each task
– Overall timeline of the project
– The budget of the project
– The start and end dates of each task
– The deliverable or end outcome of each task
– The time required to complete these tasks

Keep your plan simple. Don’t be bogged down with details like dependencies, dates, names, costs, responsibilities, etc. A simple program will help members understand what needs to be done and how to accomplish it.


3. Executing

After creating the written plan, it’s time to execute it. Before beginning, ensure you’ve got an appropriate communication channel for the team. Having stellar communication is essential, particularly at this point in the project. It provides each team member is working on the plan and is not left out.


4. Monitoring

There are many people and tasks involved in a project. You’re being held accountable for the entire project so tracking everything efficiently is a must. Keep a close watch on how each team associate is completing their assigned tasks. How much time is being spent on each task? Which tasks seem to be lagging? These types of questions provide a clear picture of how far your team has progressed and how much further you still need to go.


5. Controlling

In project controlling, you’re exploring ways to implement improvements on your current project to meet essential standards. You can schedule weekly team meets to review and assess individual work against the project plan. Establish a routine reporting process for groups and even executives so that everyone is on the same page when it comes to risks, achievements, budget, costs, etc.


6. Closing

Your team is going to put in a lot of time and effort to get the work done. You need to ensure everything is completed as expected and according to plan before delivering the final product. Once all the associated tasks are completed, review everything once again to tie up loose ends. Wrap up the management process with a final report to inform participants and stakeholders.

With this project management guide in hand, you can make this year 2019 a success! Contact ViduPM to learn about a useful project management tool.