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How To Overcome Communication Barriers By Using An Online Project Management Tool

Organizations that have not embraced Online Project Management Tools are still being plagued by various physical communication barriers that limit their potential of performing optimally. Simple physical elements such doors, walls, excessive noise, distance, and buildings are barriers that hinder smooth communication at the workplace.

In fact, the larger the workforce, the more complex it seems to make every employee’s physical environment conducive to execute their projects flawlessly. Identifying the communication barriers that cause communication breakdowns in project management is the first step towards achieving success in solving the communication hindrances and streamlining communication in an organization’s workforce.

Avoiding the chaotic emails

As various remote employees or teams work across the globe on a particular project, emails tend to become the easiest way to relay information. However, reading through several emails and replying them effectively within the stipulated timeframes can be time-consuming.

Smart organizations have adopted project management tools that can help them avoid unnecessary downtime and enhance productivity. Instead of searching through a junk of emails for particular data, your organization can use ViduPM project management tool to collaborate with the various field personnel teams promptly without wasting time.

Communicating through message threads

An effective project management requires that the project manager effectively communicates with all employees and tracks the organization’s conversations through an Online platform. The ViduPM communication system enables you to send your employees vital messages through message threads without overwhelming the teams with simultaneous conversations that are not relevant to certain teams. Through these messaging functions, threads and specific notification controls, you can easily ensure that different teams receive messages that are relevant to their specific projects.

Organizing the workload neatly

There are lots of files and documents that contain massive information that needs to be handled promptly in any project. Hence, in order to control this workload and rationalize communication channels, a project management tool is very necessary. ViduPM project enables the project manager to control all these tasks and organize the files adequately within a short period.

Keeping everything on track by tracking time

Instead of gathering long drawn out project management meetings to restructure activities, the project manager can easily track the visibility of every team member and automate the tracking of complex projects. Team members don’t have to wait for the weekly or daily catch-up updates when they can easily stay informed in real-time about the progress of other team members and other various future assignments.

Planning meetings effectively

Moreover, automating these project management processes with ViduPM project management tool will open up meeting time for productive planning time. That will give the project manager enough quality time to cater for other core aspects of team management and the project in general.

Talking to a boss who is locked up in his or her office or making an announcement and people on the third floor can’t hear you, can be quite hectic due to the physical barriers. The online project management tool will eliminate these time-consuming practices in your organization and enable you to communicate smoothly with all the concerned team members whenever necessary without hosting unnecessary meetings every time you intend to issue a communiqué.

Communicating with every team member, in different locations, when you’re issuing an impromptu communication is not possible without using the effective communication channels of an online project management tool. Although you can rely on emails and phone calls to transmit information, some sensitive data can only be relayed through ViduPM project so as to avoid compromising the integrity of your data. Furthermore, a credible Online project management tool will have a huge impact on team cohesion.

Promoting better organization

A ViduPM project has amazing details such as Date, Start Date, End Date and Teams among others that will enable the project manager to be well-organized throughout the execution of a particular project. Every detail about the project and the progress of various tasks will be laid out on a clean layout that will help the project manager ensure that nothing is overlooked.


When communication barriers have been eliminated in a project management, communication breakdown will be discarded and team members can focus on identifying the collaborative options in front of them. Teams and project managers do not have to worry that anyone on the project will miss out on an important aspect of the project.