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You Must Use These Free SEO Tools to Rank Better!

You Must Use These Free SEO Tools to Rank Better!


Search engine optimization is one of the most important things when it comes to improving the web ranking of a website. SEO involves a lot of steps and has a long process that must be done correctly to get things right in place. Talking about the process, there are a lot of actions like searching the keywords, writing a proper meta description, managing the slug and the permalinks properly, optimizing the images used, adding suitable and relatable links in the content, framing an appropriate title, keeping a track of the development of the ranking, etc.

Have you ever thought, despite implementing SEO techniques, you aren’t ranking well like the other similar websites? In this technologically advanced world, you are still old fashioned in your approach, as you aren’t using the free SEO tools that are available online to improve the ranking, right? YES. Without wasting a minute, start using such free tools.


Some of the free SEO tools that you must use are:


1.  Google Webmaster tool:

This free google webmaster tool will help in giving you better know-how and taste of what the two top search engines think about your website. It also helps to see if there are any bugs, alerts, and indexing issues. This will further help you to know and understand the loopholes and work on them.


2.  Google Keyword Planner:

Keywords are an essential aspect of an SEO strategy. Enter a keyword or group of keywords in this tool, and it will return all types of helpful stats to guide your keyword strategy. It will also help you know monthly search volume, competition, and would even suggest other terms you might not have considered already.


3.  Open Site Explorer:

Links, internal and external, both are equally important and play a vital role in the ranking of your website. This free tool helps you give a quick look at the full range of link analysis, including a look at the most impactful links that comes your way and shows the most linked-to pages on your website.

The best way is to use ViduPM a cloud based project management software with features such as SEO Project management that comes with all the above and more tools like link management, google analytics, password manager, etc.

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