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Increase Followers On Your Blog

Increase Followers On Your Blog Through This Easy Yet Effective Way


You love writing, and therefore you came up with an idea of owning your blog, wherein you could write and express your thoughts on various topics you feel. Having your blog is fun. You do not have to seek anyone’s permission to write anything there, and you can enjoy the full credit of what you do on your blog. The happiness you derive as soon as a reader gives thumbs up to your write-up, just cannot be expressed in words.

But, what if you are writing amazing content on your website and there are not enough readers to read what you have expressed. For a moment, your morale will drop a few inches, won’t it? All the efforts put in your blog might go in vain if enough people aren’t visiting your blog. So, what can you do? If you have been facing similar problems and were wondering how could you increase followers on your blog, here’s what you need to do.


The quality and quantity:

Being a writer, you sure are aware of the fact, that content is the king of your blog. Content is the soul. Without proper, quality content, writing is just a waste of time. You must make sure that the content you post on your blog should be 100% original and not plagiarized at all. After the quality of the content comes quantity. Do not make it too short or too long, unless required. A too short content will make the readers feel it’s a promotional content or probably an advertisement. Also depth content, at the same time, would lose the visitors interest.

Secondly, the content should be engaging and related to the topic. If the user will not find the content interesting to read, that’s only your loss, because he won’t stay for long. Make your content as attractive as you can, with some pictures, videos, subheadings, links, etc.


Search Engine Optimization:

SEO is as crucial as the content. You may have the best content, most authentic and original content in the world, and it’s still of no use if it’s not properly optimized. With proper optimization, your content won’t reach a higher number of people. Search for the best primary keyword and related secondary keywords as per your topic. Add the keywords as the tags and try using them in your content. To search for the best-related keywords, you can take help of the various SEO tools available online for free.

You must plan a strong SEO strategy. Make all the pictures used in the content, stronger, by adding the focus keyword in the ‘Alt-Text’ option. Also, write not such a long slug to make it easily searchable. Make your content as SEO friendly as you can, and remember not to exceed the keyword density or do not use too many links.


Interact with users:

Online might seem to be more of an impersonal space but could benefit if you do live chats and discussions with your users. Also, you can take some time to reply to their comments and interact with them. This will give your readers, viewers, personal touch and would make them feel important. Remember, your readers are equally important. Interactive sessions will also help you know and understand your loopholes and improve them the next time you write something. Moreover, you can also ask your readers and visitors, what do they think of your write-up and what would they like to see more on your blog.

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