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Why is it Important For Organizations to Use Project Management?

Project management is one field that is growing at a faster pace than ever before. Be it an entrepreneur or an established company, big or small, need a project manager to look for an organization’s projects and other related jobs. Only an operative project manager can successfully complete a project, effectively and efficiently, meeting the deadlines.  Understanding effective project management techniques help organizations carry out large-scale projects on time, in the budget and with minimal disruption to the rest of the business.

If you have always wondered, why does an organization need a project manager, or why is it important for organizations to use project management, here are some good reasons:

•  Temporary and Unique Venture: A company can be permanent and long lasting, but a project is always temporary and different from each other. Projects are temporary and aim at achieving short-term goals. Every project in an organization is different from one another and this is where the need of a project management originates. A project manager has the expertise and knows how to handle a project, a team, track time, maintain coordination and communication and achieve the goals.

•  Timeline: Every project has a timeline. From the initial planning phase to the completion stage. Only a project manager can do it all. There are various stages of a project that makes its timeline. It includes planning the project, dividing the project into smaller tasks, assigning the tasks to respective team members as per their interest and capabilities, coordinating the tasks, tracking time, managing resources, maintain communication among all, and completing the project, collectively, effectively and efficiently within the deadlines.

•   Budget: Project management is necessary because it helps keep the budget in order. Only an effective project manager can help the organization achieve the project completion, within the schedule, by managing all the human and other resources. This is important because every project in an organization has a budget. Exceeding the budget is always a loss to an organization.

So, even if you use an online project management tool, you would still require a project manager to oversee projects from conception to completion.

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