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This Is How You Can Successfully Manage Your First Project

Congratulations on being hired as the new project manager. There would be smiles all over at this moment. But at the same time, there would be tension, and a lot of questions would be running across your mind. Right? Some of the major questions that have probably crossed your mind a hundred times, will you be able to do this? Will you be able to successfully manage your project(s)? Will you be able to satisfy your boss and your client(s)?

If you too are in a situation like this and are soon going to oversee a project as the newly hired project manager, don’t worry. Breathe in, breathe out. Panicking is not a way out. It is going to be easier than what you think. Project management though involves a lot of things to do such as planning, executing, managing teams, tracking time, managing resources, etc. It can be done with ease. How? Well, here are few things that you need to do:

• Determine available resources: First thing first. Figure out all your resources that are available for your project; human resources, the raw materials, the machinery, the stationery, etc. You must be aware of every small and big thing that is going to be used for your project. It is important to determine the available resources because only then you would be able to judge what amount of resources should be invested and where.

• Understand the timeline: Second most important thing in successful project management is to know your deadlines. You must not work on the entire project altogether, but always divide it into smaller tasks. This will not only help you and your team do things perfectly, without any flaws but will also save you time. Divide time for every task as per the total time you have in-hand.

• Monitor the progress: It might happen that despite of a great plan, proper resources, cost and time management, you end up not completing the project on time. This will only happen if you won’t monitor the progress of the project. Managing and monitoring tasks and progress will help you know if things are going the right way. If in case you find a loophole, it could be amended right there.

• Work smart: Gone are the days when pen and paper were used to make plans and keep records of the team members. If you want to succeed, you need to work smart. To help you with the same, there are many online project management tools, available. You could use one with features like the password manager, calendars, time tracking, reminders, task management, etc.

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