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How To Remain Motivated When Working On An Extended Project

How To Remain Motivated When Working On An Extended Project?


Nothing feels more satisfying than crossing off another item on your to-do list! It just means you’re one step closer to completing the project. One step closer to crossing the finish line. This is what is most fulfilling about working on a project. However, you’ll come across many projects in your life that has extensive to-do lists which can frustrate even experienced project managers.


So how does one stay motivated while completing a mammoth-sized project? Consider the tips mentioned below:


1. Focus on Small Accomplishments

Achieving small accomplishments are the key to long term success. Try and complete a few tasks each day (depending on the size). Reward yourself each time you cross a significant percentage on your to-do list, i.e., 15%, 25%, 35%, etc.


2. Ensure Your Project Remains In line with Business Goals

While writing up the proposal, you’ve likely worked very hard to ensure that the project aligns with the company’s goals. But when you’re working on a project for more than a few months, it’s elementary to lose sight of those goals.

To prevent this, make it a routine to check that you’re in alignment with those goals. We recommend doing this every week. This keeps the end goal in perspective.


3. Reassess Goals

Sometimes projects stall. Take this as an opportunity to evaluate your job commitments and career goals. Update your goal list, cross off older or achieved ones, start working on those that are lagging. This exercise will motivate you to work smarter on your current project. It will remind you of the big picture ahead!


4. Keep Occupied

It’s necessary to feel like you’re achieving something every day. It’s hard to get this fulfillment if your project is stalling. No worries. Make yourself useful. Try and contribute to other projects. Reach out to other teams and see if they need assistance. This is a great time to network and build on professional relationships.


5. Keep Team Members Motivated

Always pay heed to how your team is feeling. Ascertain their mood. A happy mood leads to work completion. Offer encouragement, praises and small rewards for jobs well done. Make yourself available for direction or assistance if required. Expect some members to be lagging. Ask them open-ended questions like, “what is holding you back,” “what might work for you,” etc.

You can also ask for advice and suggestions too!

6. Invest in Useful Tools

Managing a team and the year-long project is hard enough with the added frustration of meeting deadlines. Project management software will significantly facilitate your ability to meet targets and deadlines. It will also provide a single platform where your team can communicate with one another and seek help.


7. Projects always End

When you’re completing a major project, it may feel never-ending. You will always walk away with valuable lessons. Change how you perceive your work. Look at it as an opportunity to grow, learn and develop. Painful experiences teach us more than easy ones!

Staying motivated is the key to success in life; even project management. Contact ViduPM to learn more about their invaluable PM tool.