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How to get most out of Project Management Software?


Anyone who is involved with managing projects will admit to wanting a more straightforward and better way to handle the workload. There are many project management software options out there that can do just that! However, when it comes to PM software adoption, many employees are either hesitant, indifferent or skeptical about using this software. As a result of such erroneous thinking, PM software fails to meet everyone’s expectations.


To avoid mistaken notions and to get the most out of your project management software, consider the following helpful tips:


1. Find a System that Suits your Organization

There are many PM software solutions out there, with some being more complex than others. If you’re looking for a tool to manage tasks, share files and streamline communication, then steer away from systems that offer too many extra features, If your team can benefit from something simple, avoid features like resource management and reporting as this might overwhelm and intimidate them.

The number one reason why companies struggle with adopting a PM software in the first place is that it’s inherently difficult to use. Solutions that offer automatic configurability and workflow with built-in intelligence will always win hearts. Whichever PM software you may decide on, ensure you give it a good test drive so that its use is simple and requires very little support from the IT department.

2. A Mobile Optimized Solution is Ideal

PM tools that are optimized for mobile users tend to be more efficient and productive, and this enables your team to use the software to collaborate and share information via their tablets and smartphones. Mobile optimization allows team members to be located anywhere and in any time zone to access the information required. Mobile optimization is a flexibility feature which promotes remote work capability and also boosts productivity.

3. Enables Integration with Other Applications

In most office scenarios, capturing relevant project data in the PM software is only a part of the complete solution. Being able to share and transfer data with other applications completes the process.

This is vital for expense reimbursement, project costing, payroll, etc. Luckily, many cloud-based project management solutions offer out-of-the-box data sharing features supplied by applications such as QuickBooks, Microsoft Project, etc.

4. Remain Realistic in Your Expectations

Project management software automates and supports unique PM processes. It doesn’t replace them! Often PM software fails to deliver because of previously held false expectations. All project software provides three critical functions: data management and acquisition, graphing and reporting and decision support.

5. Enlist a Team Member to Champion the Tool

One of the essential elements in achieving maximum ROIs in a project is the complete adoption of the software by the entire team. To ensure this occurs, you need to enlist the help of someone in management to be a leader in promoting this tool.

This will be someone who can ensure each team player can provide their input into tool selection and to provide resources and training to anyone who needs it. This person who will spearhead adoption should also be able to model the best behavior by using the project management tool during meetings and reviews. When strong confirmation is lacking, the value of the solution will diminish.


A project management tool can offer many solutions to your project endeavors. Get in touch with ViduPM today to learn more.