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Here’s Why You Must Use A Password Manager!

Thanks to the internet that it has made our lives so easy and simple. Can we now imagine a life without internet? NO. Because we have got indulged too much. From sending a small text to a friend, to preparing important office presentations, from completing the college assignments to reading newspapers and magazines, there’s hardly anything that we perform off the internet these days.

For staying connected to people on the social media platforms, for shopping on various shopping sites, for communicating to different official clients through emails, or be it anything else, we need an ID for everything. And it is certainly difficult to remember so many ids and their passwords. Especially when you are dealing professionally, with the clients, you must remember every little thing so that you just won’t mess up with anything. It’s a very hectic task to remember all the passwords. We often save them in our notes, excel sheets, but documenting your credentials is not safe.

So, you need a software or a tool that would help you with all your password related issues. And as everything else, there are several password manager software and tools online. One among such, and one of the most widely used password manager tool is presented by ViduPM. This password manager tool will not only allow you to set password security at a user level but will also help you to manage all of them for different projects by creating centralized password saving unit. You can not only keep a track of the passwords for different websites and projects but can also customize the sheets as per your needs. For example, if you do not want to share several passwords with a client, you can hide them from him and can make them visible to others at the same time. Isn’t this great?

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