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Here’s How You Can Adjust Your SEO Strategy!

Search Engine Optimization is an everyday changing activity. With the new techniques coming up daily, and with some new challenges coming up daily, one needs to stay updated with every new update. If an SEO manager is not updated with the latest SEO trends, one may loose on not just online ranking, but also the position in the market.

Search Engine Optimization is a very tricky task that should be very well researched and processed to gain results. Even if your website has the most original content and the SEO is not done properly, it will not be able to rank among the top search results. If content is the king of your website, SEO is the only queen, and the website will only work if the two walk together.

If you have been handling SEO from long and were looking for some new techniques to improve your search engine optimization. Here are few ways that can help you adjust your SEO strategy in 2016. Do as follow:

1. Monitor Google Updates: As an SEO, you must always stay updated with the latest technologies and the applications that are there in the market and online, to help you out with various SEO activities, like keyword research, meta keywords search, slug, etc.

2. Improve Your Onsite Content: Content is the king of the website. Your SEO alone cannot help rank the website among the top search results. The content must be original and not duplicate or copied. You can always check the content online through various software and tools like Plagiarism checker, etc.

3. Check Your Technical SEO: You also need to keep the check on all the other technicalities of the SEO. You must check whether the content has been repeated on then once on the website. If there would be same content on more than one pages, it might confuse the Google affecting the website’s ranking.

4. Tidy Up Your Backline Profile: Link building plays a vital role in helping the website rank. On-page SEO and off-page SEO should be treated equal and enough attention must be paid to both. In the ‘anchor text, you must avoid the exact match of the keywords. It should be as natural as possible.

5. Go Mobile: With the number of people using smartphones increasing every year, you must keep mobile as your priority. Not just you should focus on the social media platforms to promote it more and more but also on the website’s appearance when opened and used through a smartphone.

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