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Does it make any difference with Monitoring Software for an Employee

Does it make any difference with Monitoring Software for an Employee?


When one thinks about employee monitoring, video surveillance comes to mind. Employees are fearful that managers are monitoring their work. They regard this as a breach of privacy. But in the United States, no law prevents employers from keeping an eye on their employees’ work.

In recent years, employee monitoring has become a common practice, and this often done through various means such as video surveillance, telephone tapping, email monitoring, keylogging, and location monitoring. However, the most effective method by far is through the use of employee monitoring software.

Many companies use it to enhance productivity. This tool not only monitors employees’ conduct but it is used as an instrument for analyzing important data. ViduPM’s employee monitoring software enables you to observe your employees while performing essential tasks on their computers. The information gathered can help the organization boost its efficiency and productivity levels.

Does monitoring software make a difference? What are some benefits of using this software?


Increases Productivity

As discussed earlier, productivity improves significantly with this tool. Studies point out that up to 64% of employees visit non-work related sites every day while on the job. Of this group, up to 21% spent five hours visiting on non-work related websites.

Employee monitoring helps organizations determine how much time each employee spends on a particular task. It’s an eye-opener to see how time is wasted and on which tasks.


Real-Time Monitoring

This feature is especially important if your company has remote employees or a large team. This software can rapidly analyze each person’s activities. Since your team knows they’re being observed regularly, it will also impose much-needed discipline among those who are lacking it.

Report Generation

Once you begin using this software, you can generate detailed and accurate reports based on the criteria you wish. These reports will also serve as evidence of your employees’ work. It also provides valuable details about the budget, status of the project, progress and even availability of resources.



Employee monitoring software is automated. This means it quietly and involuntarily turns on and follows employees’ actions. It records their activities while the employees are engaged at work.


Seamless Integration

One of the most significant benefits of using this software is its ability to integrate with other applications and tools seamlessly.

So does using employee monitoring software make a difference? Find out for yourself. Get in touch with ViduPM.