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How Digital Marketing Agencies Stay Productive

If you own or manage a digital marketing agency, you will agree with me that marketing productivity determines an agency’s ability to change resources into results. A good marketing machine will see you complete projects faster, deliver impressive results to clients, attract larger clients and your agency continues to grow. The best way to stay productive is to fill your agency with brilliant, well-trained staff. However, getting the best and most intelligent staff will only get your agency so far.

There are many trends that have emerged to help increase marketing productivity of agencies. Marketing agencies, for example, have been working to instill a sense of pride and excitement in their employees amongst other tips. Unfortunately, some tips employed by marketing agencies cause more harm than good while others are counterproductive. So before you take your next step in marketing productivity, read this article to identify the strategies that will deliver you real results.

Stay Productive With Remote Employees

When it comes to digital marketing, hiring the right talent is vital for your success. But hiring the right minds has become hard since demand for talent usually exceeds supply in most cities. Agencies are overcoming this shortage and getting ahead of the competition by hiring remote workers.

Digital marketing involves activities that require independent work making remote workers well suited for the job. Employees are in a position to write new blog content or edit videos away from the office space. They will also perform daily activities like social media updates, email outreach, and link building without anyone looking over their shoulders. These workers will tend to be happier and more productive than office workers.

According to a recent research, telecommuters are 14% more productive than their office counterparts. The increased productivity results from such factors as the employees not worrying about commuting time, a better work/life balance and others. When hiring remote employees, you get the best person for the job since you will be hiring from the world, not from the geographic region your agency is located in.

To avoid laxity among telecommuters, agencies put a mechanism in place to monitor them. The successful ones use elaborate processes which are supported by tools that ease monitoring, communication, tracking and collaboration for the remote workers.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

As a marketing agency, staying on top of all marketing trends will keep you productive. Industry conferences, special events, and trade publications will help you learn new technologies and ideas likely to benefit your clients. The same trends could automate the way you market your agency, qualifying you for leads thus leading to new prospects.

Being Early Adopters

Digital marketing in the next decade will be redefined by the early adopters. The same way the first investors and users of Google developed a more searchable web, digital marketers using artificial intelligence are set for a bright future. This should not be interpreted as taking risks with every new technology but incorporating new software into existing services gradually. Project management software is one such software being used by agencies to help meet the needs of their marketing professionals and drive business performance.

Innovating and Improving

Adopting emerging technology not only gives marketing agencies a competitive advantage but also lets them invest in future tools. Early adopters partner with developers for functionality improvements and feature upgrades to deliver more promising results for clients. Marketing agencies are innovating to change the way people learn and interact with information, from using personal stories to designing eye-catching advertisements.

Saving Time With Automated Marketing

Marketing materials can’t make any impact if they are not targeted to the right audience. You need to create lists of your target audience then send them a perfect message at the right time. Since this may be tiring and time-consuming, automated marketing campaigns provide a solution. With automated marketing, SMS, email marketing, point of sale displays, social media posts and print ads will be delivered to your target audiences at the right time.

High-quality products and services are critical to the success of any business. But sales are not just driven by quality. Marketing strategies can make a substantial difference in how a product or service is perceived by customers and determine whether or not they will buy it. As a digital marketing agency, you have to be on top of your game to ensure you drive more sales for your clients.