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Why Client Management is a Breeze with ViduPM?

Client management is a difficult task. Whether you are a digital marketing consultant, professionals or graphic designer, you are constantly under pressure of client satisfaction. The urge to satisfy a client is driven partly by the fear of losing them. Why? Clients simply do not understand the scope or difficulty of your work.

They only care about getting results, implementing regular changes, getting progress reports and progress status updates, etc. Your team might surely be on top of documenting everything and staying on top of communication, but when the project is large and complex and there are other projects going on simultaneously, client management becomes a huge stress point for marketing companies

What’s the solution? Having the right client management tool! With VIDUPM, Client management can be a breeze. This software program has many built-in features which not only promote communication between client and company but satisfaction as well.

The following is a list of some of these features:

Add Client

This feature enables you to add a new client to your roster. Located in the top menu bar, you need to complete all the pertinent details related to the client. This is an editable field so any changes can be easily made down the road.

When you add your client to the project, he or she is able to access the ‘Client Panel’ which has secured auto-generated login credentials. Once logged in, they may access items such as Milestones, Project Progress, Reports, etc. The ‘Add Client’ feature is great for earning a client’s trust and building it over the course of the project.

Inactive / Active Clients

This feature provides information about the client’s status. Active clients are those who have projects in progress. Inactive Clients are ones who have completed projects. Under this feature, you may easily change a client’s status from active to inactive and vice versa. It helps create an organized client roster.

Real-Time Updates

After you have added a client using “Add Client”, he or she can access Real-Time Updates. This enables them to monitor and view the project’s progress in real time. Your burden of daily, weekly and perhaps monthly reporting is significantly reduced.

Send Invoice

Using this tab, you can create and send out invoices to your client directly. With ViduPM, you can not only generate an invoice but develop a separate invoicing module. It tracks all invoices that were sent to a client including all relevant payments made to this client in the past.


Whether personal or professional, this is without a doubt an important aspect in any relationship. To promote an open, two-way communication channel ViduPM features an inbuilt email and messaging system. Under this tab, you may easily and quickly receive, send and reply to messages between team members and clients. You may also reach out to your team at the same time so that vital information is shared between everyone in the team.

Don’t let your fear of losing a client overtake your passion and ambition for your work. With the ViduPM Client Management tool you can easily add clients, associate them with your project for real-time reporting, share files, send invoices, receive payments and maintain constant communication. The end result will be higher customer satisfaction.

With ViduPM, Client management is definitely a breeze!