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8 Gains your Company will Make by Implementing The Project Management Method

As a project manager, wouldn’t you love to be able to submit projects frequently and consistently? This would certainly benefit your career as well as the reputation of the company. Unfortunately, for many managers being able to deliver projects consistently is still a goal rather than a reality. When things go awry, company culture or senior management are blamed, but is it really the case?

Pursuing a project management method is perhaps the only way to bridge this gap. Project management offers a structured method to completing, managing and delivering projects. It provides clearly defined goals, supportive processes, roles and an organized lifecycle. It prevents the following from occurring:

– Roles in the project are ambiguous and poorly defined
– Different departments/teams are managing the project in their own style without adopting a consistent approach
– Although some projects are luckily successful, the same cannot be said for all projects across the board

Every project carries with it a new set of responsibilities, skills, roles, competencies, processes, templates and behaviours. A project management tool can ensure that there is an accurate schedule in place, that resource availability is adequate, everyone comprehends what is expected of them and what needs to be delivered and when.

Following the project management method can help your company make the following gains:

1. Effective Decision Making

When expected behaviours and roles are clearly defined, operative decisions can be made. There is no confusion over accountability. Lack of accountability is one of the leading reasons for delays in project submission.

2. Saves Time and Money

As your team uses a project management method, it is tweaked and improved upon according to user experience. This eventually becomes the road map for future projects. Being able to re-use this map saves your team a lot of time and money because you’re relying on a set of procedures that you know already work. As a result, projects are delivered more efficiently.

3. Controls Project Scope

Every manager hates scope creep, but it’s a harsh reality faced by most projects. It costs the company more time over-runs and money. With a project management method, the project scope is controlled, leaving no room for unexpected surprises.

4. Meets Client’s Expectations

Most of us have delivered projects which haven’t met the client’s expectations. How do you avoid this? Using a project management method enables the project team and client stay updated on the progress of the project. The client is able to offer his or her feedback as the project work is proceeding, so that when the final version is delivered, no one is surprised, least of all the client!

5. Improves Problem Resolution

Using the project management method, managers are able to forecast anticipated risks and prepare for them. This ensures that no one is surprised!

6. Controls Costs

PM tools not only define projects but they also provide efficient time and cost tracking. You always know how much time is spent on a particular task and you can easily control your expenses.

7. Identifies Struggling Projects

With a project management method, managers can quickly identify projects that are going to run over time and or over budget as well as those that aren’t going to deliver expected results. With an identification system in place, managers can quickly implement solutions to get these projects back on track.

8. Builds Happy Teams

A project that has a few unexpected twists and turns with better control measures is always more enjoyable to work on. It helps teams work smarter not harder, helping to build a motivated and satisfied team.

Implementing a project management method can help your company make numerous gains.