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Project reporting can seem like a tedious and cumbersome task, but did you know it’s also the most critical action in your endeavor to complete the assignment? Reports are one of the most valuable tools a project manager can have in his or her arsenal. They are useful communication tools between the team leader and his/her team and management/stakeholders without a doubt, here are seven guaranteed benefits of project reporting:


1. Tracking

Imagine being able to keep track of the progress of each member of your team? Imagine stakeholders were able to quickly check in on the progress/status of the project compared to the original plan, and this is an invaluable feature offered by project reporting. You can track many other features such as schedules, budget, risks, tasks, issues and even the overall direction of the project.


2. Identify Risks

Every project faces risks and being able to identify them early is the key to success. Project reporting can quickly help you identify these risks and take immediate actions. Sometimes stakeholders can spot these risks for you which you might’ve missed otherwise. Risk reporting makes it easier for the team to solve the problem.


3. Cost Management

Managing costs is a tricky affair, and one that your stakeholders are very serious about regular reports help you track expenses and manage to budget with ease and complete visibility.


4. Visibility

Project reporting provides clear visibility into how the project is performing, whether good or bad. This way, no one is surprised!


5. Control

With project reporting, you’re the captain of the ship. You’re controlling how the project turns out. You can chart its progress, team members’ performance, quality of submissions, scope creep, stagnation, etc.


6. Learning

There’s much to be learned while completing a project. Every project is different. Information gained from completing one can help improve the outcome of the next. You can streamline your actions with the lessons you learn and make necessary changes for upcoming projects.


7. Ensures Project Success

If there’s any aspect of your project that must be reported, it will be said using a project management tool. If this tool is unavailable, this information will not be communicated. The result? Items that remain unreported fall to the side and are neglected, and this leads to inefficiency of the entire operation.

Project reporting is an essential aspect of project completion. With the right project management tool, you can drive your team to success!
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