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5 Tips for Better Client Management


We put in so much effort and time into acquiring clientele that a majority of us forget that the key to long-lasting business is nurturing relationships. Keep in mind a current customer will provide more profit and value than a new one.

In the business community, building and maintaining relationships are at the core of winning and retaining customers. Sadly, most entrepreneurs spend a majority of time on productivity hacks, social media efforts, and advertising; to gain new customers. They forget that cultivating relationships with existing clients will provide more value, i.e., profits.

Here are five useful tips for building better client relationships:


1. Respect Your Client’s Time

Time is a finite resource but to make a long-lasting relationship you have to respect the time and this means you can’t just tell a client to drop in at their convenience. Enable them to schedule a meeting with you. If you vie for the “the drop in” option, you’re going to get interrupted during an important task, which will mean the client will have to wait.

By encouraging your client to come in at a given time, you’re setting the tone for your future relationship with them. It also extends respect and courtesy towards them.

2. Be Face to Face

When mistakes occur, and the client is made aware, call them. Skip emails at this time because the written words may not explain your feelings or circumstances, Clients place more value on calls anyway. What’s better than a phone call? In-person meetings. If possible, get face to face with your client. If the client is long distance, opt for a video chat.

3. Under Promise But Over Deliver

It’s a cliché but with due importance. Keep your promises light but deliver above and beyond the client’s expectations. Make it a habit, and you will never let your client down. You’ll also increase your chances of looking like an excellent manager!

4. Build Credibility

Building credibility takes time. It just won’t occur overnight. The only way to achieve it is through systematic and consistent efforts. Do this slowly, meaning focus on everything you say and do with your client. This conscious precision builds a healthy and long-lasting relationship with clients as it is defined by trust. Keep in mind, and faith can untangle within minutes so be very careful with how you deal with clients.

5. Focus on Transparency and Being Human

You don’t have to be a polished version every time you’re facing your customer. While you’re focusing on being a perfect version of yourself, you’re doing yourself a disservice. You’re NOT the person you’re trying to be! Clients don’t care about your ideal image; instead your real picture. They’re human too! Mistakes are going to happen, but it’s how you deal with them that matters. Be open and transparent with your client when errors do occur. There will be a few minutes of anger and frustration but provided you’ve got your solution cap on, things will move along on the right path anyway. Hiding issues or faking outcomes when they didn’t occur that way is detrimental to client relationships.

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