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5 Project Management Trends For 2018

Project management tools are indispensable in today’s business world. They are a solid foundation that yields positive outcomes for every project. Although these tools and practices are sometimes overlooked in the creative process, PM is the driving force behind many investments. Effective project management can take an idea from concept to completion.

The project management landscape may look different in 2018. Clients, stakeholders, businesses, governments and environmental factors could change your PM processes next year. However, there are a few trends you must adopt for productivity and entrepreneurial success in 2018.

Collaboration For Success

It’s no secret that collaboration is the key to productivity. Your project management tool must have collaboration capabilities for effective planning in 2018.

Without frequent and efficient collaboration, a project is possibly headed toward disaster. Project managers must constantly communicate issues, expectations, tasks, and project status. This can be done in regular meetings, memos, and monthly reviews.

Communication between project stakeholders is important for better results, so make it a part of your work culture next year and develop the mindset that the secret recipe for success is collaboration.

Effective Reporting

Project owners and managers must have access to real-time and accurate progress reports. These reports have to be presented in a concise and meaningful way. An efficient project reporting system will help decision makers react to market dynamics. It will promote communication between internal and external stakeholders, and also reduce the waste of valuable resources.

Many project teams use the reporting features in their project management tools every day. They use it in a collaborative way to track work, identify risks, and keep stakeholders informed about the project.

To help you analyze and make better decisions about your project, you must ensure that you can produce the below 3 essential reports:

Project detail report – Show the risks, changes, issues, and status of the project. It is also used in forecasting the amount of time, effort, and resources required to finish a project.

Task summary report – Offers a summary view of your project plan and updates it to show the completed work.

Milestone report – You need to add Milestones to your project reports so you can keep an eye out for the major project deliverable. Show the milestones achieved in stages and forecast the completion dates.

The project reports are the windows that can help you see what is going on with the project and what needs to change. It also validates your status as a project manager by revealing how you are managing the project.

Advance Client Management

One of the most challenging aspects of project management is managing the expectations of both clients and stakeholders. To excel at this, you must be able to create a timeline and define the scope of a project from the start.

The expectations you create must be realistic and the timeline must also be precise. After all that planning, you need to manage customers expectations and keep them happy.

Clients can sometimes directly work with a projects’ team members – to monitor work in progress. So the PM tool you use must make it easy to improve your customer relations and streamline your client management.

Easy Invoicing

Grow your business with a project management tool that offers easy invoicing. You must be able to:

Send and Receive invoices

Make payments at the click of a button

Streamline workflows and increase cash flow

Enhance vendor relations

Access to accurate vendor details

Using a PM tool like ViduPM can help you create and generate client invoices easily

Use of Popular SEO Tools

Search engine optimization is becoming more and more complicated for many businesses. The need for a good project management tool that can help you run your SEO campaigns has become more important now than ever before.

SEO is broad and many companies use different tools and processes in their optimization tasks. Some SEO tools are designed to tackle visibility from a content angle, while other carry out automated ranking, tracking and reporting activities. Use a tool that will encompass all these features and also provide a support feature for good communication within your team.


ViduPM is an all-in-one project management tool that features all the above under one platform. Empower your team with a simplified task management system for all their projects by using ViduPM. It is easy to use, powerful and has many useful features.

In today’s world of apps and multiple data sources, you need a PM software that will integrate well with other everyday applications. ViduPM helps you gather all your data in one place. You can integrate with Facebook metrics, Google search console, Paypal, MS Word, Dropbox and much more.