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4 Tips For Monitoring And Managing Your Virtual Team’s Productivity

Team management can be complex and complicated if not handled properly. Not everyone can lead a team. It takes leadership qualities, managerial skills, and patience. Especially, if you are managing a team at work; you could not take a risk to let them do things at their own and have control of their work. Because if this happens you would eventually end up losing hands on big projects. What could be done in situations like these?

Well, if you too have been facing such problems at your organization, the following are some tips that you could follow to get things right in place. These will help you monitor and manage your team’s productivity.

• Weekly Meeting: To get an update on the progress of the work that has been given to the team members, you can conduct weekly meetings to see if the things are being done or not. You could ask every individual to provide you with a status update of the tasks done throughout the week. Meetings are helpful instead of checking with each team member every now and then and then not being able to keep a track of the work.

• Checklists: Another thing that you could consider doing to monitor the team’s productivity is to make a checklist online and ask the team members to check the tasks off the list, as and when they are completed. For this, you could also use any online project management tool that is available for free.

• Milestones: You could also set milestones for the team members to achieve in a deadline. This will not only help you keep a track on their productivity but will also help the team members to feel the pressure and stay active and motivated towards achieving the milestones. Any project management tool can provide you with features like calendars and milestones, to help you with the same.

• Project Manager: Or if nothing from the above works out on your team, you can simply hire a project manager who has a good experience and know how to work under strict deadlines. A project manager will best manage your team, making every individual work together to achieve the desired goals and objectives, effectively, and efficiently within time.

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