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Link management

4 Tips For Making Good Link Management Even Better


Link building is vital if you want to improve your business’s search visibility. What is link building? It is increasing the number of inbound links into your website. To this day, it remains as one of the most powerful and critical online marketing tools. However, it’s getting more challenging to create links that increase organic search traffic (which promotes business growth); but it can be done!

Listed below, are four tips for making good link management even better:


1. Contextual Relevance Matters

Since the latest update of the Google Hummingbird algorithm, the need for creating links that lead to remarkable content that is relevant to the end user has become re-emphasized. This latest update focuses on comprehending the context of the user’s search query instead of identifying and chasing specific keywords.

For link building, this means you need to provide value and improve search influence for your target users.
Hummingbird has reintroduced long-tailed keywords while optimizing web content, and This enables you to come up with need-based, useful content rather than keyword-focused content. It ensures you have a higher chance of providing value to your end users. Ultimately, it’s about giving visitors a “worth it” experience.

2. Building Relationships

Link building has taken on a new form, and it’s called link building. Start building relationships with other websites and the individuals who are their power source. In other words, search for influencers who are in your domain. Identify something familiar you share with this other site which can be a catalyst that leads to a mutually beneficial and meaningful relationship for the website.

Outreaching is necessary for relationship building. You need to create a sound outreach strategy. It must be personal, attention-grabbing and precise regarding why this relationship is required and how it will benefit both parties.
You must offer something in quid pro quo. Examples include guest blogging, a product offering, mention on your site, an opportunity to connect the followers of your blog, etc.

The nature of your relationship with this other website and the influencers behind it that will create a natural stage for link building.

3. Think Long-Term

Relationships mustn’t be built in haste. A blogger may find this strange and ignore your request. The fact that you’re in a hurry to make a relationship might create a trust issue which means he or she might not be interested in your quid pro offer as well. You have to convince this other person that building an association with your brand and company will augment their brand-building efforts, and This will demand lots of time and a fair degree of persistence and consistency. But keep in mind, it’s a matter of trust. Why should this influencer be able to trust you?

He or she will only do so if your company has a certain degree of influence and credibility, This is where you must have an outreach strategy along with your brand-building efforts. You must be genuine in your desire to want to make a meaningful difference in your domain, and This will help you to be trusted and attract sustainable relationships.

4. Think Convergence

Digital marketing activities such as social media and content marketing have woven themselves into link building processes. If you’ve employed the right social media and content building tactics, top quality link building will follow, and it will occur naturally.
If you happen to go viral on social media, it will automatically create natural links. Great content is a magnet (which is why they say “content is king”). People are always eager and drawn to material that offers value.

Understandably, contemporary link-building is a convergence of different marketing tactics which are a part of brand building.

The need for good link management is greater than ever before. For assistance with your link building strategy, contact ViduPM.