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The 3Ps Of Project Management That Must Be Followed For Effective Results

Project management, as the name itself suggests, is about managing the projects. Right! This is what people generally understand by this term. But is that all a project manager does? Just managing projects is his job? NO. There are a lot of things that are related to project management, and that a project manager needs to do. Good project management leads to effective and efficient completion of the projects on or before the deadlines. Now, what is it that makes project management easy and less complex? Well, like everything has its own rules, so does project management has.

Following are the 3Ps of project management that must be followed to effectively and efficiently complete all the projects.

1.  People Management: Human resources are without a doubt the most important part of a company. An organization is nothing without its people. A project manager should be skilled enough who leads the way as a team leader; manage people, help them avoid miscommunications, maintain healthy interactions and participations, motivate them to work together, coordinate and strike towards excellence.

2.  Process Management: Process is equally important. A project manager must plan everything beforehand and execute everything as per the plan. Also, there should be a plan B as a backup which can be implemented in case of exigency if the need arises. A thought after process will lead to better outcomes.

3.  Performance Management: Every individual of the team working on a project has different interests and capabilities. A project manager must find them and divide a project into smaller tasks and assign every individual accordingly. Also, a project manager must keep a track of the performance, motivate and encourage them to work even better and given them a reward whenever one does a good job. Good performance of the individuals will lead to even better performance as a team.

They all collective combine to become ‘Project Management’. With the change in trends and the advancement of technology, project management these days could be done through various SEO project management software that are available online for free.