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3 Ways you can Improve Team Relationships with Project Management Software

Project management software is the key tool to manage your business. It’s required for logging, monitoring, tracking, budgeting, scheduling and reporting; the “hard” skills of management. But keep in mind, behind the project plan and task allocation are real people! When team members have a good working relationship with one another, the success of the project is guaranteed.

Here are three ways how project management software can improve team relationships:

1. Builds Meaningful Connections

Collaborative tools within the PM software can significantly improve your team’s soft skills such as team work and communication. How? By providing a single platform for creating touch points and engaging all members. This increases interactions over time and consequently trust.

On this platform, resource assignments are accessible and visible to everyone on the team. When everyone is able to view how the work is allocated and what everyone is assigned, the opportunity to complain about some team members working more than others is reduced.

In addition, with a single platform team members can easily contact one another to address challenges of the project (instead of always approaching the manager). For managers, the PM tool can be used to mark important dates, milestones, deadlines, to-do lists and even staff birthdays.

The latter is a personal touch that is much appreciated by team members. With a single platform to exchange ideas and communicate, trust will surely build over time. Team members who share a high level of trust between each other also enjoy coming to work!

2. Builds Client Confidence

Your project management software has built-in tools that help build lasting client relationships. Firstly, it provides clients with direct view into your PM tool. Of course you can always set access parameters, but having direct access enables clients to see the project’s status and progress.

The client will also be able to gauge how you’ve moved towards project goals and your commitment towards the entire project. In a nutshell, he or she will be able to ascertain whether you’re delivering on your promises. Having this type of transparency for your client is a big confidence booster for your team.

3. Provides a Balanced Work Atmosphere

To attain a successful balance between work and life, a number of factors must be in place such as company policies, management policies and even employee personality. But having just one of these factors alone won’t make a happy and flexible workplace. A project management tool provides teams with the flexibility of working on software projects, how and where they want.

A study conducted by the New York Times found that employees were less likely to leave a company if they were content with how they worked. The study reported that apart from having good relationships with managers and fellow team members and having flexible department policies, having the right tools to enable task completion motivated these employees to stay on for the long haul.

Clearly, having the right project management tool plays a big role in helping maintaining a good work balance.

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