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failing at time management

21 Sings That Indicate You’re Failing At Time Management


We are failing at time management because most of us often think “I don’t require time management.” Some indications suggest we are a mess. We are disorganized both at home and at work. Our work desk is a mess. We constantly feel stressed. And we always feel like we’re still running from one place to the next.

These are all indications that you need better time management skills. When we’re unable to manage how time is spent, we fail at achieving our own lives. Unfortunately, time management is often looked at with an indifferent attitude. It is considered as a character fault rather than little skill.

The first step in improving how well you manage your time at work is by identifying the warning signs.


Listed below are 21 warning signs that indicate you’re failing time management:

Always Rushing
You’re always hastening from one pressing issue to the next.

Missing Appointments
You’re missing appointments or continually postponing them.

You are late so often that your office peers regard it as part of your personality, i.e., they expect you to be late all the time!

Overlooked for Work
Your reputation is infamous for new submissions. As a result, your colleagues are often chosen for essential tasks.

You always forget to do things, usually until its past due.

Missing Deadlines
Always asking for extensions and providing excuses for missing deadlines.

Empty Promises
Do you find yourself making a lot of baseless promises, often failing to follow through with them?

Messy Workplace
Your desk surface is messy, and the paperwork is piling up. You’ve forgotten what your workstation looks like.

Singular Focus
Most of your time is spent on last-minute drills, often ignoring essential tasks.

Lack of Sleep
You’re always up late with activities that hamper your productivity. As a result, you’re also getting less sleep.

“Piles” Organization System
The way you organize things is by placing them in piles. Only you know where a particular item is in your mountainous pile.

Scattered Documentation
You take notes on everything and place them everywhere.

Paying Late Fees and Penalties
Since you’re always handing things late or getting things done after the due date, you’re stuck facing penalties and late fees, all the time!

Missing Opportunities
You’re stuck in a rut, doing the same thing every day. As a result, you’re missing out on opportunities for career advancement.

Messy Car
When was the last time you cleaned the inside of your car?

Lack of Contacts
You’ve got a whole bunch of business cards from important contacts, but they’re littered everywhere!

Missing Documents
You remember placing that vital document somewhere, but where exactly you’re not sure! This is linked to point #11.

Full Email Inbox
You’re unable to keep up with the emails in your inbox, so they’re piling up!

Lots of Unused Stuff
You’ve got a bunch of nifty software and gadgets, but you’re not getting time to learn how to use them. You have the “I’ll get to them one day,” attitude.

Unfocused at Meetings
Physically you at the meeting but mentally you are busy trying to figure out how to get tasks done.

Always Working
You’re always doing stuff at work, but it seems never-ending.

Time management is a skill that improves all aspects of our professional and personal lives. It helps us remain organized, reduces stress and makes us feel like we’ve accomplished something.

Learn how you can improve your time management skills at work.

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