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15 Productivity-Hacks-for-Work-Project Management

15 Productivity Hacks for Work & Project Management

Productivity is the key to entrepreneurial success. You handle endless activities and deadlines daily. To maintain productivity, a balance between your life, technology usage, physical and mental health is a must.

Managing a team and your productivity simultaneously is difficult. At times, when the team falters on their achievable targets, it becomes difficult for you to meet goals.

Have you ever thought why your team fails to give 100% productivity?

“DISTRACTION” is the primary reason.

According to a survey conducted by Harris Poll for CareerBuilder, distractions like noisy co-workers, cell phones, social media, and gossip acts as a major obstacle to boost productivity.

In this article, we will share actionable productivity hacks to boost personal and team performance, which will assist in achieving your targets within a designated timeframe.

Boost Your Productivity

Let us see how you can improve self-performance.

#1 Do not suffocate yourself with ideas

Innovative ideas are good for any business, but feeding your mind with too much can adversely affect your skills. Morning meetings, mailers, customer feedback and reading blog posts are good for creativity, but remember “too many cooks spoil the dinner”.

Ideating hundreds of concepts is not beneficial for business. Implanting one idea and transforming it into a new opportunity is what you need.

Focus on one business aspect at a time.

#2 Do not divert your mind

As an entrepreneur, giving your 100% to one task is always good for efficient productivity.

New studies prove that multitasking is dangerous. A multitasking person suffers the risk of brain damage and cancer. 90% of the top performers have high Emotional Intelligence (EQ).  Multitasking can gradually decrease the EQ level and negatively impact the performance level.

#3 Learn to say “No.”

Run your business with a road-map. Learn to make a choice and say “no” to unwanted or unproductive suggestions. Prioritising activities helps to simplify your work and increase performance level. Prioritising saves your time and contributes to achieving the product road-map.  As a manager, it is your duty to differentiate between right and wrong. It is good to say no to some suggestions.

#4 Do it and Delegate it

Understanding the importance and superiority of a task is vital. As an entrepreneur, decide which work needs your undivided attention and what can be transferred.

Duties on the top of priority list should be completed first. Delegating is often a smart choice. Your delegated personnel can add a better perspective to work. If you maintain a good relationship with team members, productivity improves, and they go the extra mile for your job.

#5 Outsource projects

If you are short on internal resources, outsourcing some projects to freelancers can help to concentrate on priorities. It is effortless to hire designers, writers, consultants, developers and HR personnel as a freelancer from various freelancing sites such as Upwork, Toptal, Craigslist, and Freelancer. They provide a detailed history of the freelancer’s work to help with selecting the right candidate.

#6 Automate your projects

The automated project management software industry has changed the way businesses are conducted in the millennium era. Such software has the magnitude of developing, managing, organizing and planning, resource tools and estimates.

ViduPM provides you with a one-stop solution for all your organizational needs.

#7 Healthy Work Environments

People often mistake, grave and dull work environment to be productive. However, an innovative and friendly environment can prove to be a better work-space.

Talking to your colleges over a coffee or lunch is not only good recreational method but can also prove to be the creator of many innovative ideas. Seeking fresh perspectives and, exchanging plans and ideas is not wastage of time.

#8 Stay Healthy, Take Breaks

A healthy mind and body can maximize productivity. Instead of pressurising yourself to work, take short breaks to relax. Sitting straight in a chair for 9-10 hours can cause various health issues like high blood pressure and spondylitis.

Take a break of 5 minutes from your sedentary work life every hour.  This procedure can help you concentrate on your job and boost your energy. If you cannot go out, stand up, and look around. This can also help you confront that drowsy feeling after lunch.

Boost Your Team’s Productivity

#9 Let your team be expressive

The best productive teams are those who coexist in a psychologically safe environment. A study by Google suggests, if your employees feel comfortable sharing ideas and expressing fears, they tend to be more productive.

On the other hand, teams that follow the traditional hierarchical pattern and lack open conversations, tend to show reduced productivity.

#10 Time Management

Set a deadline for every project and specify the hours and days it would take to complete. Evenly break your working hours based on priority level of each task. This will help you dedicate a reasonable amount of time for every task.

You can also sync projects with automated time management software. With ViduPM, you can quickly add and set time logs for various projects. You can set a start date, and end date for your project and ViduPM will give you a complete Log time summary. It includes all minute details like, start date, end date, to do task list, excluded task list, project details and total time spent on the project.


#11 Motivate your Employees

Monetary motivation is not sufficient every time. Value appreciation and recognition is a terrific way of motivating teammates. Appreciation often works as a bonus for efficient and hard-working employees.

Maintain a journal to write down daily achievements, such as chores completed on time, accomplished goals and happy moments at work. Spend few minutes every week to appreciate accomplishments and set new tasks.

A little appreciation can prove to be valuable and forge a strong relationship with the team and company. As a manager or an entrepreneur, you should invest some time to motivate and encourage your team.

#12 Set and Follow Milestones

Instead of working on assumptions, set proper milestones to achieve your final goal. Divide your goal into small milestones and create an appropriate plan to achieve them step by step.

With our project management software, you can add, to-do tasks and divide milestones under specific projects. The user interface also helps to track progress with a due date, overdue milestones, upcoming tasks and completed tasks list.

#13 Environment for team communication and feedback

An environment where employees can freely ask questions and share thoughts builds trust among the team. You should always choose the project management software where your team can tag, share and do meaningful conversations. This way you can quickly tackle any issue or miscommunication within the team.

Automated software is a huge time saver. You can instantly approve things and give feedback when necessary. ViduPM allows the user to share messages within the group and with clients instantly.

Set a dedicated time for team meetings. These sessions can be used as a stage where each team member can share, ask and improve. These brief meetings are best for query resolutions, brainstorming, sharing ideas and petty issue settlements.

#14 Work-Life Balance

Staying focused for a long time is not an easy job. However, you can maintain a balance between work and life with proper rest and recreation. Short breaks between long working hours improve team performance. Short team breaks for coffee or tea can prove to be a great asset for refined working potential.

When stuck in an awkward situation, try discussing your problem and get a second opinion. Too much stress or pressure can hamper work quality and potential.

#15 Systemize your approach

A team is a group of passionate people with different mindset and ideologies. Every person in your staff may have a unique way of storing important documents. When too many complicated procedures create significant problems, it is good to opt for a systemized approach.

Essential documentations should always involve a synchronised working strategy. Project management software is the easiest way for creating, storing and sharing vital documents. ViduPM project management software is a space for your team to share and preserve original documents.

You can upload relevant spreadsheets to the interface in just one click. Categorise and set privacy meters to improved search results.


Availability of time is same for everyone. It depends on us how we utilize the time for better results.